Credit: Chris Young/YouTube

I Was Raised On Country, How Bout You?

This song is so stuck in my head right now, I am of course referring to Chris Young’s new single “Raised on Country” .

For me, I think this is what makes country music so relatable. I think one neat aspect is it brings you back to a time you remember, but with an upbeat modern vibe. It really fits what our music format is all about.

I know we can have a discussion about what is and is not country music, that’s not what this is about. But rather how music has grown in us over time. What we remember about a time that a song can take you back to. This is why I applaud guys like Chris Young for staying the traditional course. For having the foresight to create a sound that’s unique to them while keeping their music new and certainly fresh.

Good going Chris Young, I am a huge fan!

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