If You Have A Few Dollars And Want To Own Something That Belonged To Burt Reynolds, You’re In Luck!

The Burt Reynolds memorabilia auction is this weekend and both small and large items will be up for grabs.

The auction includes over 800 items that belonged to Burt.  From clothing, movie scripts, pictures of his ex-wife Loni Anderson and even a ’79 Trans Am that looks just like the one he drove in Smokey and the Bandit!

Burt owned a lot of belts, and some of the belts and photos from his collection could be yours for as little as $25!  The sale also includes photos from his famous 1972 nude photo shoot from Cosmopolitan magazine.  (Burt said he was drunk at the time or he wouldn’t have been able to take off all his clothes for the cameras)

At a recent Barrett Jackson auction in Las Vegas, 4 Trans Am cars that looked like the movie car sold for almost $400,000.  Burt’s favorite car from Smokey and the Bandit sold for $192,000. While a 1987 Chevy pickup seen jumping over a moving freight train in another Reynolds movie, “Cannonball Run” sold for almost $50,000.

Burt was selling off some of his belongings prior to his death last September, but the value of memorabilia almost always goes up after someone famous passes away.

You can find out more of what’s available on the auction that takes place in Beverly Hills by going on the website JuliensAuctions.com.

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