If You’re Following March Madness At Work, You’re One Of Millions

Every year there’s estimates of how much money and productivity is lost on the job by employees following the NCAA basketball tournament.

Reviewjournal.com reports that an estimated $13.1 billion dollars in productivity will be lost because of the NCAA Tournament.

Andrew Challenger, vice president of global outplacement for Challenger, Gray & Christmas says,

 “Employers can turn 15 weekdays that make up March Madness into an opportunity to build employee morale.” 

If they put me in charge I’d remind them of the most important parts of March Madness at work:

  1. The clock moves faster when you’re watching and talking NCAA basketball
  2. It’s easier to be positive at work when the subject is NCAA basketball
  3. It’s easy to prepare yourself for another day of work when it requires watching ESPN
  4. No bond is stronger than 2 co-workers rooting for/against the same team

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