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Is The New Aladdin Going To Be Any Good?

Like most, I grew up watching Disney movies. They’re great for a lot of reasons. My thing has always been the music. Disney music is just plain fun to sing.

I don’t want to speak for an entire generation of people my age but the two best Disney movies are Lion King and Aladdin and the music is the reason why. They have the most hits. Like the greatest percentage of good songs. Tarzan has a couple fun ones. Hercules. Little Mermaid. Frozen. All fine. But Lion King and Aladdin bring nothing but bangers… you know… in the Disney sense.

Aladdin in particular was so, so, so good. It had everything. Jafar was terrifying. Iago was hilarious. The Genie was brilliant. Aladdin was just cool. Jasmine was a hot and she had a pet tiger! A PET TIGER!!! We had to beg for a dog and she just gets a tiger? . The Sultan was the funniest looking human being on planet Earth. And the music is perfect. Man, this live-action version sure has a lot to live up to. Will Smith is great. Can he do justice to Robin Williams? Is Iago going to bring anything that Gilbert Gottfried brought to the table?

Is the movie going to offer anything different than just real people playing the parts? Because if it’s the exact same movie I’m just going to rewatch the cartoon.

Ok, fine. I’ll go watch. For the love of all things Will Smith, please be good.

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