Is Your Job Considered Prestigious?

A recent Harris poll tells you what people think about others occupations.  6 jobs are perceived to have very great prestige by at least 50 percent of those surveyed. 

Here’s your top 5 most prestigious jobs in America…

  1. Firefighter
  2. Doctor
  3. Nurse
  4. Scientist
  5. Teacher

Since the poll started in 1977 teachers have risen 23 points from 29 to 52 percent.  In fact, teachers are the only occupation that’s seen that kind of increase.

Also in the top 10…Military officer, police officer, farmer (for the first time), engineer and believe it or not, members of Congress.

Now for those not so prestigious jobs…in the bottom 5…Union leader, Actor, Business executive, Stockbroker and Real Estate agent.

Those who say lawyers have great prestige have fallen from 36 to 21 percent.

Back in 1977 the most prestigious jobs were…Doctor, Scientist, Minister, Lawyer and Engineer.  The bottom group included Entertainer, Business Executive, Journalist and Banker.



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