It Was A Fun Day Of Sausage Making

Last weekend after thanksgiving I spent a couple days making and smoking a number of varieties of sausage.

Growing up, after the traditional Deer Hunting season concluded, my Dad and Mom and us kids all had a role in making a family recipe of Polish Sausage that still lives on. It is no doubt a treat every time I get a chance to make it.  That being said, I haven’t made sausage in a few years.

This year I decided to give it a go with the wife’s permission! Here’s why moving to Deer Creek was the smart move.  I lack the Man Cave in which to pull this feat off, but not to worry. Compton Township is chock-full of awesome people. My friend Jon Grenier just so happened to have a plan to make some of his own amazing sausage as well. We joined forces and knocked off this project with the aid of good friends to help out processing, smoking, packaging and taste testing too!

It reminded me of how much I miss my parents, but also how lucky I am to be surrounded by people that work hard helping neighbors out.  The end result was top shelf! Thanks to awesome friends that I can also call my neighbors!

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