It’s Grilling Season! What’s Your Favorite Grilled Food?

Memorial Day weekend is the start of the summer grilling season.  A new survey is out from and these are the favorites…

  1. Steak is an easy #1, favored by 34 percent
  2. Hamburger is second, favored by 19 percent
  3. Chicken is a close third, favored by 18 percent
  4. Ribs are number four, with 11 percent
  5. Brats got 6 percent of the votes
  6. Hotdogs were a disappointing sixth with only 5 percent of the votes
  7. Pineapple finished with 4 percent
  8. Pork chops surprisingly lost to Pineapple with only 3 percent of the votes

Here’s how people like their steak cooked:

27 percent medium rare, 25 percent medium, 23 percent medium well, 19 percent well done and only 4 percent of those in the survey liked their steak rare.  Broken down by state, Minnesota grillers favor medium well with        31 percent, 29 percent medium rare, 21 percent medium, 14 percent well done and only 5 percent of Minnesotans like their steak rare.

And given a choice of hamburgers or hot dogs, Hamburgers won by 81 to 19 percent.

So light up the grill, summer is short!!!

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