It’s Time To Talk Turkey About Thanksgiving Habits…

A new Harris poll says 87 percent of us will attend a Thanksgiving dinner this year.  But how do we really feel about it?

80 percent of us have hosted a Thanksgiving dinner, but 21 percent of us have pretended to actually enjoy it, with 17 percent regretting hosting later.  However, 59 percent say they like to host Thanksgiving dinner because that way they can make the food they like best!

Millennials don’t want anything to do with preparing Thanksgiving dinner.  39 percent would give up their phone for a month and 40 percent would give up sex for a month not to have cook the meal.   And it’s not just young people…42 percent of men say they’d give up watching football for a month not to have to cook Thanksgiving dinner!

Do you love or hate it?

29 percent dislike canned cranberry sauce, 24 percent dislike green bean casserole, 22 percent dislike sweet potatoes and 21 percent actually dislike pumpkin pie. However…when it comes to dessert, pumpkin pie is the favorite, followed by apple and pecan. And…14 percent actually admit they’ve served a store-bought pie and claimed it was homemade! If you drink wine on Thanksgiving, you’re not alone.  Of the two-thirds who drink alcohol, three quarters of those people choose wine. And after the meal is over, there’s leftovers.  But 23 percent of people say they’re not interested in saving Thanksgiving food for leftovers.

Enjoy the holiday!  Food, friends, family and football.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

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