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Jackson Dean talks previewing album #2 on headline tour

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If you’re going to see Jackson Dean on his headlining Head Full Of Noise Tour, you’re in for a treat because Jackson will be offering a preview of tracks from his next album.

“We’re going to be playing a lot of that new record. We play a lot of unreleased stuff anyway, but we’re going to be teasing a lot of the new stuff out there, keeping our theme reoccurring, and I’m really excited for that,” Jackson tells ABC Audio.

“There’s some really cool vibes on this record and some songs that I needed to get out, and some words that I needed to have said to me, probably at a couple points in my life,” he shares.

Writing songs is more than just a job to the country singer/songwriter. To him, it’s another example of art initiating life.

“It’s that way of a songwriting. Sometimes you don’t know why you wrote a song until later down the road and something happens. You go, ‘Makes a lot of sense now,’ you know?” says Jackson. “It’s funny how some songs happen like that. I’m very excited for y’all to hear the new stuff.” 

Coming up, Jackson will take his tour to New York; Silver Spring, Maryland; and Portland, Maine, on April 11, April 12 and April 13, respectively. Tickets are available now at

Jackson’s debut album, Greenbroke, arrived in 2022 and features the #1 hit “Don’t Come Lookin'” and “Fearless,” which is now in the top 20 of the country charts.

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