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Jelly Roll recalls feeling the immediate impact of his Hulu documentary

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With five nominations notched as a first-time CMA Awards nominee, Jelly Roll‘s truly been on a roll this year.

Earlier in May, he released his Hulu documentary, Jelly Roll: Save Me, which set the stage for his debut country album, Whitsitt Chapel, in June. Speaking with ABC Audio recently, Jelly recounts the almost immediate impact he felt as soon as his candid documentary premiered.

“Nothing I’ve ever done in my life — no birthday, no accomplishment, no anything — has made my phone erupt the way this documentary has made my phone erupt. It is crazy,” recalls Jelly.

“I probably shouldn’t say this, but I’ll be really honest. I looked the night the documentary came out and one of my old albums was in the top five on iTunes on all genres,” he says. “And that’s clearly just people [who] had just found Jelly Roll that night and were going to see his old stuff.”

Jelly’s currently #35 on the country charts with his new Lainey Wilson-assisted single, “Save Me.”

To catch Jelly on his ongoing Backroad Baptism Tour, visit his website.

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