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Jeremy Renner credits near-fatal accident recovery for new vodka collaboration

E Rennervations 03072023

Weeks after his show Rennervations earned an Emmy nomination — and of course, after his “miracle” recovery from a near-fatal snowplow accident — Jeremy Renner has another reason to smile.

He posted a photo of a bottle to his Instagram, along with the comment, “An exciting new week!!!” The Avengers actor added, “I’m so grateful for the progress I’ve made since the start of this year which allowed me to move forward with my interest in Sweet Grass Vodka.”

He adds, “Their mission is rooted in community and shared experience, which is why the second I tried it, I knew I wanted to become a part of it. I’m excited for new ventures ahead.”

According to its website, the spirit is locally sourced and grown in South Carolina and distilled by a family-owned operation.

Renner’s post got more than 56,000 likes and comments of support from his followers — even those who were self-described as living a sober life.

He’s joining the likes of stars who have made a mint with their spirits ventures, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and George Clooney.

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