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Jimmie Allen explains his “obsession” with Disney

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Kit Wood

Jimmie Allen has made no secret of his love of all things Disney. The singer, who has been to Disney World more than 70 times, visits the theme park not just to have fun, but to find inspiration from founder Walt Disney.

“When I was a kid, I just loved the movies,” Jimmie tells BroBible. “But then I started having an obsession with Walt, because Walt’s a guy that had a dream. He had a goal he wanted to reach. His first character, Oswald, was stolen from him, and instead of giving up, he came back, took out loans and bet on himself.”

Jimmie, who proposed to his now-wife, Alexis Gale, at Disney World, visits the park when he needs to get his creative juices flowing.

“Walt was a dreamer,” Jimmie says. “He executed his plans and he made it happen. So Walt is a huge inspiration. And every time I go to Disney, I ride rides sometimes, but for me, it’s my spot. Everybody has a place where they get inspired, and for me, it’s Disney World.”

Jimmie’s current single, “Freedom Was a Highway,” a duet with Brad Paisley, is currently in the top 20.

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