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Kip Moore recorded a song with Ashley McBryde: “It came out amazing”

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Kip Moore just dropped his new single “Fire on Wheels,” but it sounds like he has another potential hit in his back pocket. 

Following the release of the fiery track that he co-wrote with The Cadillac Three‘s Jaren Johnston, Kip reveals that he’s also teamed up with Ashley McBryde on an unreleased song. The two singers were performing a show in Alaska last year when Ashley heard him play a new song he’d written and asked to be a part of it. 

“We were in Alaska and I was playing a song and it was before she was about to go on and she grabbed the headstock of my guitar and she said, ‘what in the world is that?’ I said, ‘something that I wrote hanging out in Maui last winter.’ She says, ‘is there any way I can sing on that with you?'” Kip recalls of the conversation. “I was ecstatic about it because she’s probably my favorite singer in the business. So we did it and it came out amazing.” 

Though the track is complete, the Georgia native admits that he’s “hesitant” to release it to the masses, as he feels there have been numerous collaborations being released as of late. But he’s not opposed to sharing it when the time is right.  

“I don’t really like going with the pack, but she did sing her butt off. I thought that our voices blended really well together and we’ll see what happens with it,” he notes. “We’ll see what we’re going to do with it.” 

Kip Moore will head out on his headlining Fire on Wheels Tour in the fall, traveling across the U.S. and Canada with opening act Boy Named Banjo beginning on September 8. 

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