Kirktoberfest Was Most Impressive For Vikings Fans

What an impressive month for Viking QB Kirk D. Cousins the 3rd.

Not a Cousins hater here, and I admit after the Bears game over a month ago I found myself wondering if we should have kept Keenum.  I say that like my input means anything……It does not.

I’m happy we have Cousins, and the money he’s being paid, well look around the NFL and tell me how many top tier Quarterbacks are working for minimum wage? They all make piles of $$$$! The regular season is now half over for the Vikings, they are 6-2.  I will take it.

As a team, people like Troy Aikman and Michael Strahan have said the Vikings have the most complete roster in the NFL….time will tell. Much work lies ahead for this Vikings team, but I tip my hat to the QB on a great Kirktober.

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