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Lainey Wilson recalls the day she wrote “Watermelon Moonshine”

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You’re not alone if you find Lainey Wilson‘s “Watermelon Moonshine” reminiscent of yesteryears.

For Lainey, the song’s every bit as nostalgic as it sounds, with a story many may resonate with.

“‘Watermelon Moonshine’ is one of those songs where we sat down and really started talking about those little flings that we had growing up,” says Lainey, who wrote the track with Jordan Schmidt and Josh Kear.

“Everybody that I was writing the song with knew exactly that feeling that we were talking about,” she recounts. “I feel like there [are] so many people in life who have experienced that feeling.”

This sentiment was brought to life in the storytelling of “Watermelon Moonshine.”

“Too young to know what love was/ But we were learnin’ on a sweet buzz/ There’s never nothin’ like the first time/ And mine’s always gonna taste like watermelon moonshine,” Lainey sings in the chorus. 

“It was like a time in your life when nothing else mattered,” she adds of the song. “You know, you told your mom and daddy, ‘I’m in love, I promise I’m in love.’ And they’re like, ‘There’s no way that you really know what love is.’ But in your heart, you feel like you do and it’s hard to explain.”

“It’s one of those kind of nostalgic, just take you back kind of songs,” notes Lainey. 

“Watermelon Moonshine” is currently #25 and rising on the country charts, and serves as the second single off Lainey’s album, Bell Bottom Country.

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