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Lance Bass dishes on the behind the scenes of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

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ABC/Craig Sjodin

Bachelor super-fan Lance Bass takes over guest hosting duties tonight onBachelor in Paradise and while he loves the entire franchise, he tells ABC Audio that Paradise is his absolute favorite version.

Paradise, to me, I just feel is the better chance of people finding love,” he explains.

“When you have multiple people as an option to fall in love with, it’s just way more fun to watch… as opposed to when you watch The Bachelor and you just have one person vying for 30 people,” Bass adds. “It just causes a lot more drama. Of course, we’re in it for the drama. Let’s be real.”

Speaking of drama, the pop singer was also fascinated by how real it all was. Sharing that he had a TV in his dressing room and could “watch every conversation,” Bass says, “…it is amazing how real this can get in such a short amount of time, especially when you’re there just focused on finding love and no outside world. It’s the craziest speed dating on Earth.”

Another thing that took the boy bander by surprise — the heat in Mexico, which, for him, does not create a great environment for romance.

“…there’s like sweating and just like wait do I smell. And when I’m hot, the last thing I want to think about is kissing someone or having sex, like I just want to be like, no, don’t touch me, don’t touch me,” he says with a laugh.

Though the heat was tough, the most difficult thing for Bass was learning everyone’s names.

Sharingthat he had 20 minutes to pair the names and faces, he reveals, “… that was definitely the hardest part, was keeping all the names together and which ones were coupled up, and which ones were fighting.”

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