Legendary Vikings Kicker Passes Away

This afternoon I saw the news that former Minnesota Vikings kicker Fred Cox passed away. I was sad to hear this news.

I remember many of the Vikings games in the 70’s with Freddy out there. We as Vikings fans knew in a close game we were always in it!

The Vikings released the following statement:

The Vikings mourn the loss of Fred Cox, one of our proudest legends and a member of the 50 Greatest Vikings. A respected teammate and friend, Fred’s football career as the Vikings all-time leading scorer set the stage for a life where he went on to achieve great things in business and in his community. Fred’s positive energy, strength in his faith and passion for life will be missed.

Another noteworthy observation was that as a kid, I absolutely had to have a Nerf Football. Fred Cox of course invented the Nerf Football, so I will  always remember him for making one of my child hood dreams come true. I remember my Mom making about 3 or 4 trips to the store before she finally had the exact Nerf that I wanted.

Condolences to the family of Fred Cox, the Vikings truly lost a valued member of their football family.

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