Looking Back At 2018

Another year is in the books and 2018 sure brought a lot to the radio station.

We made some major changes to our behind-the-scenes operations. We now use a great new on-air system called Zetta that has been the most exciting change. It took some getting used to but we essentially jumped from horse and buggy operations to a Corvette. Yeah, we crashed it a few times but now that we have it harnessed, there’s not much we can’t do on the air. 

Another change comes even more behind-the-scenes in a program called vCreative which allows all departments at the station to more easily and effectively communicate with each other.

The biggest event from 2018, however, came from the day-to-day operations at the station. That means the move to all sports programming on 1430am KNSP-The Fan, the switch to all classic country afternoons on 920am KWAD, and the all day live and local on 105.9fm KKWS-The Superstation K106. It also means you. Without your all-in support of these radio stations over this past year, all of these neat little changes wouldn’t mean much because we would have no one to play radio with. So, if you called in to play a game on the air, got in on Wheeler Dealer, set your alarm clock to us, listened all day, or even just listened once, thank you for making what we do so special.

We hope your 2018 was great. Let’s do it again in 2019!

Thanks and cheers to the New Year!

-Mike, Kyle, Brad & Corey

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