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Lucy Hale and Nat Wolff on their rom-com, ‘Which Brings Me to You’

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Lucy Hale and Nat Wolff share their entire romantic pasts with each other as they fall in love in the new romantic comedy Which Brings Me to You.

It’s a mature premise for a rom-com, one Wolff told ABC Audio was new for him.

“Most of them I’ve done were when I was, like, wearing backpacks and slamming lockers and going to prom,” Wolff said. “It’s exciting to play a character that’s my own age and can kind of reflect back on previous relationships and try to make room for a new one.”

Hale knew she wanted Wolff as her on-screen partner from the very beginning.

“Lucy used her power as an executive producer to get me hired,” Wolff said. “I’m not even kidding. She got me the job.”

She wanted someone charming and endearing, who could also add layers of nuance.

“I had wanted to work with Nat for years,” Hale said. “He is such a talent and such a fun actor to work with, because sometimes I didn’t really know where he would go, but you have no choice but just to go along with him.”

Because the film takes place over a single day, Hale and Wolff wore the same costumes — a maroon dress and a navy blue suit — in almost every scene.

“I definitely was tired of the outfit, but I wasn’t tired of the experience,” Hale said.

Wolff felt differently. “I will never f****** wear a blue suit again,” he said. “I’m over it.”

What he wasn’t over, however, was getting to act alongside Hale.

“There was some magic on the set where something felt kind of effortless,” Wolff said. “I felt that in the movie … there’s an effortlessness to Lucy and I picked up on that and it was really nice.”

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