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Luke Combs is an advocate for amateur fishers in ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ skit

Luke Combs

Luke Combs appears as an amateur fishing salesman in a new skit for Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Dressed from head to toe in fishing gear, the singer admits that while he loves to fish, he’s “no pro.” That’s why he starts every trip with a visit to “Bass Amateur Shop,” “the place for people who love to fish, but don’t have the faintest idea how to do it,” Luke explains.  

The parody of Bass Pro Shop features fumbling employees who attempt to help clueless customers, answering their “stupidest questions” like “how wet is the fish going to be?” and “are fish animals or dolphins?”

The store also provides all your fishing needs, including a reel (aka “cranky turny guys”), waders (“big tall shoes”) and a fishing line (“dental floss”). And let’s not forget the “Christmas ornaments,” which are really a string of red and white bobbers.

One of the “customers” shares that she’d never caught a fish until she began shopping at Bass Amateur Shop. But the fish in question is actually a dead bird, which Luke helps her stuff into a tackle box that he refers to as a “big lunch box.”

“So come on down to Bass Amateur Shop because you don’t have to be a professional to get drunk on a lake,” the hitmaker concludes as he cracks open a bottle of beer.    

Luke’s appearance on the ABC show comes in the wake of the release of his new album, Growin’ Up. 

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