Credit: Maren Morris/YouTube

Maren Morris Is Posing For Playboy Magazine

Many country stars have turned down opportunities to pose for Playboy magazine over the years but Maren Morris is taking the opposite direction.

Dolly Parton said no several times before posing in a Playboy bunny costume in 1978 on the cover.  In a 2003 Playboy readers poll, country stars Shania Twain, Terri Clark and Faith Hill were the top choices, but none said yes until…Maren Morris.

Maren will be in the June 18th issue, which is described as a “gender and sexuality” themed issue.  Maren claims the pictures are PG-13 although she is topless.  (Yes, I’ve seen a couple of the pictures)  It’s up to your place of work if they’d be described as NSFW.

Link to Instagram picture

The other question that is bound to be asked, “Is Maren’s husband Ryan Hurd ok with this?”  Yes he is.  Ryan even re-posted one of the pictures on his Instagram account with the phrase, “Sorry boys and girls, taken.”

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