Maren Morris’ New Album “Girl” Is Out

Maren Morris’ new album “Girl” is officially out.

She made the announcement last night on social media and I, for one, can’t wait to hear more from her.

Of course, her last album “Hero” was a game changer and every single release was perfect. “My Church” and “80s Mercedes” are still two favorites at the station and her latest single “Girl”, off the new album, is wonderful.

I think everyone appreciates music a little differently (which is why music is so important). Some listen to the radio because they like lyrics. Some like to dance in their cars. I like different. I like songs that make my ears perk up and go “Whoa, I’ve never heard that before.” Maren Morris is the latest, best example of a style I haven’t heard in country music and I appreciate that. Here’s to hoping “Girl” crushes it like “Hero” did.

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