A December that has been, at least up-to this point somewhat mild to say the least.  That was then. Yesterday as we were watching this latest version of winter weather take shape, many of my friends were reminding me that “This will probably be a inch or two of Snow”. Well here we are in a Severe Winter Storm Warning, and for some to the west of us, its actually a blizzard warning.

For me, this is a great reminder of the power of radio. It is instant, it’s right now. For many of our valued listeners, it’s this very storm that they depend on us, Weather related announcements, updates from local and county agencies, school activities, practices and so much more.  For those in our rural areas, it’s beyond a storm as many care for their livestock.  Often we laugh at ourselves in weather like this, but really it’s a good reminder of how we pull together to help each other out. Play it safe as this winter storm warning is in effect until Friday at noon.

Keep listening for updates, we’ll have them the Instant they get to us here!  It’s Minne-Snow-ta..I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Be Safe Everyone!

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