Where Does Minnesota Rank For States That Use Fireworks The Most?

4th of July weekend is here and fireworks are a big part of the celebration.  In Minnesota only small fireworks are legal.  But fireworks are big business in other states. While Minnesota is #46 of the 50 states when it comes to buying and using fireworks, here are the top 5…

5) South Carolina

4) Alabama

3) Kansas

2) Nebraska

and #1 is Missouri!

Zippia.com found that residents of Missouri buy 42 million fireworks, or an average of 7 per every person in the state.

Nearby states that have legal fireworks include North Dakota at #8, Wisconsin at #13 and South Dakota at #15.

Delaware, Massachusetts and Georgia are at the bottom in fireworks use with Minnesota.

China produces most of the fireworks that we use and U.S. residents spent over 300 million dollars to buy fireworks last year.

Enjoy July 4th and be careful with fireworks…according to the latest figures over 9,000 people were injured by fireworks on the 4th.

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