Minnesota’s New Hands-Free Cell Phone Law For Drivers Now In Effect

Starting today (Thurs 8/1) it’s illegal for Minnesota drivers to use their cell phones while behind-the-wheel, except in hands-free mode.

The Chief of the Minnesota State Patrol,  Colonel Matt Langer, says the only thing people can do while driving is put their phone into hands-free mode with single-touch activation.

Langer said, “If you’re driving down the road and your phone rings and you’re not holding it, you can touch the phone to answer that call — provided you’re talking on the phone in hands-free mode.”

It’s also now illegal for drivers to hold their phone while at a red light or stopped in traffic.

And even in hands-free mode, it’s illegal to do any gaming, video streaming, facetiming, scrolling on the Internet or use any social media apps.

For answers to frequently-asked-questions about the new law, visit handsfreemn.org.

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