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Mira Sorvino’s Rosemary is back to haunt Courteney Cox in second season trailer of Starz’s ‘Shining Vale’

E Shiningvale 09132023

Starz has dropped the second season trailer to Shining Vale, its supernatural horror comedy series starring Courteney Cox, Greg Kinnear and Oscar winner Mira Sorvino.

The second season begins just months after the first. Cox’s author Pat has emerged from the psychiatric hospital, into which she was committed at the end of season 1, after being plagued by Sorvino’s demonic Rosemary and Pat nearly killing her own family with an ax.

“I am rehabilitated…I’m no longer a danger to society,” Pat tells her Merrin Dungey‘s Kam, who is Pat’s book editor and friend.

Kam wants Pat back out plugging her work. “Let’s stick to the story. No ghosts. No demons. You had a mental breakdown while you were writing your book, and now you’re recovered,” she tells her.

Pat attempts to put her past behind her, but she fears her “psychosis got into the family,” as now, her amnesiac husband Terry, played by Kinnear, can see Rosemary, too.

Oh, Rosemary’s back, by the way. “You let me in, and there’s no escape,” she warns.

The second season debuts Friday, October 13.

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