More Than Just An Old Car

When I think back to when I was back in high school, one of the coolest things for me and some of my friends was to go thru my Grandpa’s old bone yard.

A place where time stood still while me and my pals rummaged thru the old classic cars, the stories we would dream up as we imagined we were racing these gems of yesterday. Later, my dad would put certain old vehicles out to rest. More playground for me and my friends to imagine we the the heros of Donnybrooke speedway, of course now known to many as BIR in Brainerd.  As I look around the country I see many bone yards and often wonder how cool it would be to investigate the history of these cars and trucks that are now put to rest.  This morning I saw a post on Instagram from Dale Jr that made me think about this.

What fun it would be to hang out on his property and try to relive the stories that he has.  Perhaps I shall use my Dale call….

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