A Conversation With MSHSL Board Of Directors President Blaine Novak

The decision from the MSHSL came down earlier in regards to high school sports for the upcoming fall seasons and beyond.

This morning, MSHSL Board of Directors President and New York Mills Superintendent Blaine Novak joined KWAD to discuss the decision.

Topics covered:

  • Overview of a new look and new year of high school sports
  • Spring sports in the summer
  • How will the media, and radio in particular, going to be involved
  • Solving the MSHSL budget

Thank you very much to Blaine for taking some time to chat with us. He’s quite busy but was very gracious with his time. I also want to thank WDC AD Norm Gallant for a discussion this morning about these same changes and how it will impact WDC. However, I need to apologize because in my attempts to save the audio of our conversation, it got lost. Sorry Norm.

Here’s the discussion with Blaine Novak:


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