Never The Same Sunset

I’ve posted this shot before.  One thing I have come to appreciate since moving to our home near Deer Creek, is the amazing sunsets. And it doesn’t matter if it’s January, or August, or anything in-between.  A good friend of mine that lives near Hewitt, told me that I will never see the same sunset twice.  Dan Skogen you were correct!  last night I didn’t get home until later in the evening, my wife was doing the hard work as usual, working in the garden still planting. (I know, its late on this, but it will grow right?).  I had the easy job, hop on the trusty John Deere and mow, and while I was, the sun began to set for the evening.  I’ve taken dozens of photo’s in this very spot, and I have yet to capture the same view twice over Compton town hall….Yes this shot definitely is straight outta Compton.  God’s least for my wife and I.  Bring on summer, and the amazing sunsets.

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