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Old Dominion on writing “Memory Lane” + crafting songs together

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As Old Dominion readies to release their new album, the group’s Brad Tursi is taking a trip down “memory lane” to share a personal anecdote about the title track.

“It’s funny, I was having dinner with one of my best friends and his parents. His dad said when he heard [“Memory Lane“] on the radio, and he didn’t realize that it was Old Dominion, and he came home, he’s like, ‘Oh, honey, I heard this song on the radio. It was kind of like our story,'” Brad recounts to ABC Audio, before noting that it was a “pretty cool” experience for him when his buddy’s dad found out it was Old Dominion.

What’s also cool is how the band typically writes songs, particularly their latest #1 hit, “Memory Lane.”

“When we’re writing [songs], everyone’s probably thinking about something different, but we’re all trying to accomplish the same goal,” says Brad, who penned the track with Jessie Jo Dillon, and fellow Old Dominion members Matthew Ramsey and Trevor Rosen.

“Sometimes we’re just trying to rhyme two words together. But then, that guy, he had his own story that went along with it. So that’s what’s kind of cool about it,” Brad adds. 

Old Dominion’s Memory Lane arrives October 6, and can be presaved and preordered now.

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