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Old Dominion wrote “I Should Have Married You” during an “inspiring” writing session

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Courtesy of Sony Music Nashville

Old Dominion is set to drop their new Memory Lane EP on Friday, June 23. 

The eight-song set will include the previously released “I Should Have Married You,” which the band wrote spontaneously in the studio.

“‘Much like [the] Time, Tequila & Therapy album, where we wrote everything in the studio, [“I Should Have Married You”] came about in the studio. We had a day where we decided not to try to track an existing song, but we tried to write one in the studio,” shares Old Dominion’s Trevor Rosen.

Matthew had a little loop, just kind of a piano loop on his phone, and it was inspiring. We jumped off right from there and started to write the song and then within a few hours, had something that sounded really fun,” he recalls. “And so we just kind of went in the booth and started bringing it to life and it came out just a fun uptempo sad song, which is kind of our wheelhouse, I guess.”

Old Dominion’s Memory Lane EP is available for presave now.

Here’s the track list for the Memory Lane EP:

“I Should Have Married You”
“Memory Lane”
“Some Horses”
“Ain’t Got A Worry”
“Love Drunk And Happy”
“Easier Said With Rum”
“How Good Is That”
“Freedom Like You”

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