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‘Only Murders in the Building’ co-creator John Hoffman staying “hopeful” amid writers strike

Hulu Omitb 081023
Patrick Harbron/Hulu

Not the happiest of anniversaries — the Hollywood writers strike hit 100 days Wednesday, with no end in sight. Talks briefly resumed on Friday, August 4 and then broke off almost as quickly as they started.

John Hoffman is a WGA member, and also the co-creator of Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building. He’s trying to stay positive, but firm, telling ABC Audio he’s “very hopeful for an end in sight, if it’s fair.”

As for the strike hitting the 100 day milestone, Hoffman shares, “I don’t want to say that I expected it, but I don’t find it too unexpected either. The business is having a moment, and it’s a complete reframe.”

“To me, it feels so evident that something has to move,” he adds. “You know, the business has moved and the ways in which people are paid and cared for just to live a very basic life for work that is very necessary for all of the work that’s getting done right now, there’s great justice in pushing for that in these moments, but it’s not without its great hardships.”

Hoffman and his show are up for a bunch of Emmys this year, including Outstanding Comedy and Outstanding Writing. He offered his thoughts about the chances of an Emmy ceremony this year, given the twin strikes.

“I’m hoping there’s an Emmys,” he says. “It would be lovely to go and celebrate all of the incredible work. But from what I understand, it might be after the first of the year, and that’s hopeful, and please let it be sooner than that this has moved on.” 

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