Opening Fishing And Mothers Day

Well here we are almost to Fishing Opener, and perhaps more importantly, Mother’s Day this Sunday.

It’s for some almost as if they go hand in hand..for many perhaps they do.  I wish I had a really good fishing opener story..I do not. I have a pretty awesome fishing story, but none on the opener.

I grew up on a lake. You would think I could come up with a fishing story. My only recollection is many years ago, I was around 25 or so……A couple of friends wanted to go out at midnight, be the first ones on the water, hit the Walleyes and be home eating fresh fish by mid morning. NOT…..The only fish we caught was a lousy bullhead. I do remember freezing and some snow.

About a year and a half ago, I had an opportunity to go on an Alaskan Fishing trip. That was off the grid exciting as me and four other dudes fished Silver Salmon and Halibut for 5 days. What an adventure, not to mention the scenery. I will never forget that trip. I also will never forget my Mom, she passed away in 2014. My love of cooking, my sense of family, togetherness, getting people together for family events, summer outings, holidays and making sure I went to church every Sunday. I owe everything to my Mother. And course the secret family recipes.

My Dad was right there too, but my mom… she was the glue to it all. I wish I could cook for her this weekend..I miss that.  Take care of your Moms this weekend, they so deserve it. I really think it’s true, that behind every good man is an even better woman, at least I now it’s true for me.

Good luck on the opener, and Happy Mother’s Day to all special women in our lives this Mother’s Day.

(Christmas 1974, I’m the shy one lower left)

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