Orioles All Summer…So Far

I don’t really consider myself a bird expert, unless its chicken on my grill, but we have had Orioles most of the summer. As I recall the past few summers, they have moved on by now, but not this year yet. One of the really neat things about feeding birds in the summer is the variety of these creatures I can study. My wife again gets all the credit here, but I had to remind her the other day when she asked me to pick up some more grape jelly before I came home that we are starting to get to the point of taking up a go fund me account for jelly!

She thinks that the orioles we see now are the off spring from this years adults, which is probably true. It will be interesting to see how much longer they linger at our place. They sure have been fun again this year.  The only downer about this is, when they do bolt, it means we are that much closer to winter.

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