Our Intern’s Last Day Is Today

For the past few years, we here at Hubbard Radio in Wadena have had the pleasure of having a local graduate here in central Minnesota that is pursuing a career in the radio industry work at our radio stations here. At the start of summer, Corey did a story on “Bobby” the intern, his name is really Ryan O’Bar, somehow he was tagged as “Bobby”. I may have had something to do with that.

Today is Ryan’s last day with us before he gets ready to head off to college pursuing what hopefully is a rewarding career in the radio business.  Yesterday, I told him that it has been customary for the intern to bear gifts for the rest of us on their final day with us.

I was but only joking….mostly.

Today when Ryan got here, he brought us a package of chocolate chip cookies…..Yummy! I thought it would be good to feature our “senior” on air talent, along side of our youngest air talent!  Thank You Bobby! On behalf of all of us here, we thank Ryan O’Bar for his help this summer, It’s been fun working with him, and we all wish him well going forward.

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