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Patrick Stewart mixes it up with Drew Barrymore, Jeff Probst and more in Paramount+ Super Bowl ad

E Paramount Super Bowl 02012024

Paramount+ has mixed it up again for another Super Bowl ad showcasing some of its stars.

The new spot features Picard‘s Patrick Stewart, Drew Barrymore, Thomas Lennon in his Reno 911 character’s short-shorts and Survivor‘s Jeff Probst — as well as animated friends like Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog, Peppa Pig and Arnold from Hey Arnold — all in a bit of a pickle.

They’re trying to scale the Paramount mountain, and not even Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa can get them out with a grappling hook.

Tua laments that if the hook was a football, he could do it. “What about a football-shaped head?” Stewart says, glancing over at a surprised Arnold.

Drew protests, “We can’t throw a child!” to which Stewart barks back, “Barrymore, shut your face!”

“Shut my face?” she says to herself.

Suddenly, Stewart removes his coat, revealing an old-timey football uniform complete with soft helmet and a coach’s call sheet on his wrist revealing the play “Throw the child.”

“Watch and learn,” he says, to which Lennon enthuses, “Dang, he’s cool.”

Stewart then declares, “It’s the fifth quarter, and we need a hole in one before the seventh inning stretch.”

Alas, not even the appearance of Creed can send the character tied to a rope “Higher.”

“Now if there were only someone made of pigskin,” Stewart muses. “Bingo,” Lennon says pointing to Peppa.

“Oh dear,” the English porker replies.

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