Peach Pie Time

I feel as if this is my duty to report on the value of good neighbors this week.

A few weeks ago my wife ordered a Lug of Colorado Peaches from the annual sale from the Bluffton Lions Club, as we do each year. They are super delicious and we enjoy giving a few away to some neighbors that are routinely very good to us.

The other day she sent a few with me to take to David and Marie Bendix who live just over the knob ( That’s how we GPS in Compton Township). So good deed done, right?  Not exactly.

What needs to be noted here is that Marie is a Master Pie Baker, so yesterday I received a message from her that said, ” you can have your peaches back”. I exclaimed WHAT!! Then I looked further at the message and there was a photo of a fresh baked Peach Pie!

I responded to explain she was suppose to ENJOY the peaches. She was not having it.  So Peach Pie it is…Yummy!   I have blogged here before about Marie and her pies, but dang Marie, you have PIE SWAG, and for sure are a great neighbor, now how about a Cherry Pie?


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