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Ray Liotta’s ‘Black Bird’ co-stars remember the late actor

Apple TV+

The new Apple TV+ series Black Bird features one of the last performances from Ray Liotta, who died in his sleep in May at the age of 67.

Black Bird tells the true story of a convicted drug dealer, played by Taron Egerton, who can go free if he gets a confession from a serial killer and finds out where his victims are buried. Liotta plays Egerton’s father, a former cop in ill health who wasn’t the most honorable officer, and Egerton tells ABC Audio it’s a fantastic performance.

“I was very inspired by working with Ray, and I felt kind of changed by it as an actor,” he recalls. “I think the scenes are some of the best that I’ve been a part of in, not just this show, but my entire career.”

“I know he was very excited about this and I know he was very passionate about the role,” adds Egerton. “So it’s a nice way, because I believe that Ray ended his life at the peak of his acting powers.”

The show’s creator Dennis Lehane calls Liotta’s death “a big blow,” explaining, “Nobody had a clue — absolutely none. He was fine right up until he didn’t wake up.”

In fact, Lehane says he and Liotta even had plans to work together on a future project.

“The last conversation I ever had with Ray was, he said ‘what are you working on?'” he says. “I told him and he said, ‘Is there a part in there for me?’ And I said, ‘Of course there’s a part in there for you.’ And he said, ‘Well, make it a big part.'” 

Black Bird is currently streaming on Apple+, with new episodes airing Fridays.

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