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Reality Roundup: ‘Love Is Blind’ reunion, new ‘Perfect Match’ cast and more

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Have no fear, your reality roundup is here! Here’s a look at what happened in the world of reality television this week:

Love Is Blind (Netflix)
The Love Is Blind reunion aired Wednesday and you better believe all of the internet’s burning questions were addressed. Sarah Ann and Jeramey revealed they are still together, Trevor was confronted about having a girlfriend while on the show, AD said she went on a date with Matt following her breakup with Clay, and Clay admitted he made a mistake by leaving AD at the altar. The reunion also featured some past cast members in the audience, who gave updates on their lives and relationships.

Perfect Match (Netflix)
During the Love Is Blind reunion, some new cast members were revealed for Nick Lachey’s other Netflix dating show: Perfect Match. The new season is set to feature Love Is Blind season 6 star Jessica Vestal, season 5 star Izzy Zapata and season 4’s Micah Lussier. Season 2 of Perfect Match will premiere this summer.

Lovers and Liars (The CW)
Fans of FBoy Island, we now have the three leads of the show’s spinoff, Lovers and Liars – formerly known as FGirl Island. Entertainment Weekly confirms that FBoy season 1’s Casey Johnson, season 2’s Benedict Polizzi and season 3’s CJ Weathers will be figuring out which women are really looking for love and which ones are just in it for the cash prize. Lovers and Liars premieres Thursday, April 11, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. A special preview will air on April 1.

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