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Shay Mooney calls dad his hero: “He’s the best guy I know”

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For Shay Mooney, his dad’s more than just a fatherly figure — he’s a role model and personal hero.

“There’s so many things I could [say] about my dad. He’s definitely my hero. I respect him more than anyone in the world,” Shay shares with the press. “He’s always been one of those guys that everyone looks up to. He’s a leader, and that’s something I aspire to be and I’ve watched him ever since I was a kid.”

“He’s just the best guy I know,” continues the father of three. “There’s not enough [good] things I could say about him. There [are] so many qualities that he has that I aspire to be.”

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The duo are currently #28 and ascending the country charts with “Bigger Houses.”

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