Slow Down On The Highway And Enjoy A Safe Summer

Law enforcement around the state are on the road cracking down on speeders through July 21st.

Last year, speeding was a contributing factor in about 1 of 4 fatal crashes on Minnesota roads.  State Patrol officer Jesse Grabow, who’s a regular guest on the Superstation morning show, says that summer is here and everyone is excited.  He sees you on the road on your way to the lake and cabins.  Jesse urges you to not to let the warm weather and sunny days lull you into a false sense of security.  The more speed you add, the more violent a crash becomes.  And that brings a risk of serious injury or death.  Also, allow more time for your travels. There’s plenty of road construction going on.  Here’s Jesse’s 3 rules for the road…“be patient, pay attention and always wear your seat belt.”

Minnesotans are wearing their seat belts more often.  The Department of Public Safety reported a record low number of citations during the “Click it or Ticket” campaign from May 20th to June 2nd.  Law enforcement handed out about 2,000 fewer tickets than they did in 2018.  And seat belt tickets are down by 37 percent in the past 5 years.

Most tickets will cost you about $150.  And don’t forget, the hands-free cellphone law is coming August 1st.  I talked to one Wadena police officer who told me that they will be paying special attention to drivers not following the new law.

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