South Dakota’s Anti-Drug Campaign Sure Is Something

The Mount Rushmore State. Under God the people rule. Home of the ring-necked pheasant and the pasqueflower… and a whole bunch of meth.

South Dakota released a new anti-drug campaign with a brilliant slogan, “Meth. I’m on it.”

It’s awfully bad.

But it did make me wonder. What would be some other awful state slogans?

Tennessee- Whiskey. Helps me drive.

New Jersey- Cocaine. Where’s the party?

Alabama- Cousins. Quit lookin’ at my wife.

Wisconsin- Beer. For when the cheese is gone.

And so on and so forth until every cliche is smashed.

Come on South Dakota! You’re the home to the beautiful norther plains. The Badlands. Mount Rushmore. Deadwood. Wall Drug. YOU HAVE A PALACE MADE OF CORN!!!! Next time, talk to anyone before rolling out something dumb.

On the plus side, from a non-South Dakotan, thanks for the warning.

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