Statler Brothers’ Harold Reid Dies At 80

Harold Reid, bass singer for the Statler Brothers became the second member of the group to die Friday night.  He died due to kidney failure. 

The Statlers began as a gospel group in the 50’s, transitioning to a country group in the 60’s with the 1965 hit, “Flowers on the wall.”  The song was used a few years ago on the soundtrack of the movie “Pulp Fiction.”

The group received a lot of support from Johnny Cash, touring with him in the 60’s and performing at Folsom Prison for his famous album in 1969.  Harold Reid also designed Johnny Cash’s long, black coat that he wore at concerts.  Lew Dewitt left the group in 1981 due to Crohn’s disease and passed away in 1990 at the age of 52.  Jimmy Fortune took Dewitt’s place in 1982 and is still performing, although Harold’s brother Don and Phil Balsley retired the group in 2002.  The Statler were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2008.  The Statler’s were the CMA’s vocal group of the year 9 times from 1972-84.

Some of the Statler’s favorites are, Do you remember these, Class of 57, I’ll go to my grave loving you, Charlotte’s Web, Hello Mary Lou, Elizabeth, and their final hit song in 1990, More than a name on a wall.

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