The Superstation K106 Listen Live Reaches New Heights

Or maybe the Listen Live has reached a new distance? Either way, all the different ways to listen really showed their benefits today.

The old-fashioned, tried and true way of listening to radio worked beautifully for Sean, who called in for Beat the Press.

But for the first time ever, we got a winner on Dead or Alive with a listener who tunes in everyday from West Fargo on! Big thanks to Brad for finding us on the internets and for playing. Thanks to The Uptown in Wadena for handing him a 5 for 5 certificate. And thanks to all of you who listen in whatever way you can! It’s very cool.

If you don’t know how to listen online, here a few quick instructions:

  1. Find your internet device and type “” into your search bar (hint: look at the top of the page you’re currently visiting).
  2. Click the cool little play button on the “Listen Live” option right at the top of the page (hint: see last hint).
  3. Immediately begin your country music toe tapping.

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