Superstation Madness Bracket Challenge Winner

And we have a winner!  Many of you took part in our Bracket Challenge here at the Superstation, Well we are happy to congratulate Jacob Lake as our official winner!

Jacob claimed the top spot with the following numbers.

For his efforts he won a 4-pack of Twins tickets to see the Twins and Yankee’s later this summer, and a $100.00 gift card for gas and supplies to the game!  This was fun to be a part of this year and I think by all accounts it will return again next year.  For the record, we had 186 people sign up to play. Thanks to everyone who played! For the record I tied Mike Danvers , but I’m listed ahead in the standings, and for me that’s good enough for bragging rights in house…..

*Pictured: Jacob Lake Pictured with his Agent (his dad Michael)

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