Be A Part Of The Superstation Madness Bracket Challenge

The madness is almost upon us and now we have something big to play for.

This may be just for fun but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to smack talk whoever is in last place. 

Thanks to 2060 Digital, we now have a Grand Prize for first place! 

Join our “Superstation Madness” group by following the link below. First place will receive the grand prize which includes a 4 pack of tickets to see the Yankees and Twins play at Target Field in July along with a $100 gift card for gas and game supplies.

But first, some rules:

  1. This is a public group so anyone can enter.
  2. This is a “locking” group. Meaning you must enter your picks in before the tourney starts and once tipoff happens on the first game (excluding the First Four) your picks and bracket are locked in. 

Good luck!

Join HERE.

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