What’s The Most Effective Way To Swat A Fly?

The weather is cooling down and insects can sense it.  This is the time of year flies are trying to get inside every time you open the door.  So what’s the most effective way to swat a fly?

Scientists at the California Institute of Technology actually studied this, and came up with the perfect way to swat a fly!

Here’s the way it works…a fly’s brain plans the best way to avoid you getting a good shot at him within 100 milliseconds of seeing you moving in with a fly swatter.

Now…within that time, the fly places its legs in the optimal position to jump out of the way in the opposite direction, which means you’ve just missed your best chance.

Their research says the optimal method for swatting a fly is this…don’t try to swat a fly exactly where it’s at.  Aim a little forward of that spot to anticipate where the fly is going to go when it sees you with the fly swatter.

You can also create a simple fly trap with a glass filled with sugar syrup, a plastic sheet and a rubber band.  Poke some holes in it and flies will fight to get in there and drown.

There’s more than one way to kill a fly, but it seems like there’s always one more.  It’s the only good part of a frost or freeze, the insect season comes to an end.

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