The Area Coaches Want It, But There Won’t Be A Shot Clock In Minnesota High School Basketball Next Year

On Monday, the Minnesota State High School League Board of Directors voted down adding the 35 second shot clock.

The board voted 13-5 against adding the shot clock even though area coaches seem to be in favor of it.

Staples Motley boys basketball coach Nick Doll commented that he was in favor of the shot clock, saying he was in favor of the shot clock as long as it is 35 seconds or close to it.  He added, “I don’t think many possessions are longer than that and it eliminates long stalls at the end of each half.”

Brian Smith, the Cardinals girls coach says his team plays fast, so it wouldn’t be a big change.  And on defense it would help his team.  The biggest change according to Brian would be Section and State tournament games where teams wouldn’t be able to stall, which would make for more competitive and fun to watch basketball.

Cody Pulju, the Menahga girls coach is all for the shot clock because it would make games more fun to play, coach and watch.  The games would be more entertaining and keep the game moving and games would stop turning into a game of keep away.  Cody says the game was meant to be played with a shot clock and the change needs to be made.

Menahga boys coach Zach Kaiser says he’s coached in 2 games with a shot clock and the game didn’t change.  However, he thinks the games will be more competitive and keep the action going.  Games that may have been over in the second half may now be more competitive.  A team that is up by 10 with 4 minutes to go can no longer milk the clock and force the other team to foul.  The losing team would not have to foul until later.

I also talked to Parkers Prairie girls coach John Noga during softball season and he said Browerville already has the clocks and he was for the change.  John said the MSHSL talks about the cost of the clocks which will run several thousand dollars, but schools would figure out a way to buy them by either budgeting for them or having a fundraiser.  The scorers table would also need another official to run the shot clock.

I didn’t receive a single negative comment from any coach and I’d like to thank the area coaches who responded to my email.

So, how do you feel about high school basketball going to a shot clock?

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