The Best/Worst Gifts And Who’s The Hardest To Buy For?

The days are counting down in the Christmas shopping season.  Some have finished their shopping, others haven’t even started yet.

If you’re like most Christmas shoppers, you start with the easiest to buy for.  That’s not Dad.  Over 25 percent of shoppers surveyed said Dad was the hardest person to buy for.  So once you get Dad’s gift, it’s all down hill, right?

Hardly…Here’s a couple of lists to think about.   An Omaha Steaks survey found that the average person will spend how much on Christmas gifts this year?

A) $200

B) $300

C) $500

If you said $300, step forward and collect your prize!  The average person will buy gifts for 6 people and the average cost is $323.    Millennials plan to spend the most, followed by Baby Boomers and Generation X.  Generation Z will spend the least.  The most popular gifts this year?

  1. Gift card 50%
  2. Clothing 43%
  3. Fashion Accessories 36%
  4. Household Items 35%
  5. Food/drink , Smartphone Accessories, Computer Accessories 25%

And the gifts nobody wants?  According to a Vistaprint survey these 5 gifts are the worst…

  1. Picture frames
  2. Body care products
  3. Scented candles
  4. Beauty gift sets
  5. Box of chocolates

Be sure to wrap that bad gift in nice gift wrap.  It’s been proven that bad gifts that are wrapped well will improve their value!

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