The Classic Minnesota Summer Weekend

I know when people who aren’t from Minnesota think of this state, the first thing they think of is the cold. And they can keep that thought because we all know the secret. Yes, winters are cold but summer weekends are sacred.

This weekend, for me, was the first of what I hope will be many weekends this summer that hit just about all the check-marks.

What are the check-marks?

  • quality times with friends
  • time at the lake
  • good food
  • good drinks
  • quality time with family
  • campfire
  • good conversation
  • catching a little sun
  • productive around the house
  • quality time outside

Friday, we loaded up the car, ordered Tower Pizza, drove over to Staples to pick it up, and met a friends at Dower Lake and enjoyed an evening with good food and good friends at the lake (2 out of 9 summer check-marks).

Saturday, we did more work on our yard even though that stupid grass just won’t grow, spent some time around the house, went for a walk, pulled out the bag chairs and enjoyed the sunset over some blackberry whiskey and good conversation (4 out of 9 summer check-marks)

Sunday, we cleaned the basement and garage, spend quality time with the family, played some bags, grilled some burgers, caught some rays, and did more yard work (5 out of 9 summer check-marks).

It was darn near a perfect summer weekend in Minnesota (only missed out on the campfire). Eight out of 9 summer check-marks and just like that I’m refreshed for another week of work.

Hope you checked off some of the great summer hits this weekend! And let’s keep this secret for at least one more summer.

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